The genius of the FastenLink dowel is its unique shape. For decades, the industry standard has been to use wooden dowels to hold adjoining pieces in place, which are most often clamped in some way while the cabinet is being put together and held with glue. Sometimes there is also a cam system that locks the pieces into place. The FastenLink system replaces all of those pieces and processes.

The pending patent is on the plastic design and the groove that is cut into the tip of the dowel, creating a “shoulder” that slides into the “ramp,” a tapered groove cut into the wood which guides the FastenLink dowel until it clicks into the locked position, seamlessly connecting the adjoining pieces into place. FastenLink replaces the wooden dowels and eliminates the need for cams, screws, or nails.

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For consumers

For the consumer, the beauty of FastenLink link is that anybody can assemble the end products without any tools and without that dreaded bag full of hundreds of fasteners.  You simply line up the pre-inserted Fasten Link dowels into the holes and snap it together.

Ready. Set. Be Creative.

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